It is not just “another” Human & Machine match!


GM Jaan Ehlvest (2610 rating from FIDE January 2007) versus Rybka engine (3020 – rating from CEGT February 2007) match is going to be held March 6-8 in New Jersey, USA by IM Larry Kaufman (who also happens to be the strongest shogi player in the West). To make this 8 game match more even the Rybka engine (playing white in all 8 games on a 4 processor machine), will have in every game a …different pawn missing!

GM Jaan Ehlvest,

Curacao 2003

Photo by Hartmut Metz




Is it enough to make this human & machine fight even?

Experts say GM has the most chances to win a game having “g2” pawn more. Time control of this event is 45 minutes plus 10 seconds for each move. Interesting discussion about human chances in this match you can find at:

Larry Kaufman has made special preparations with the help of Rybka author Vasik Rajlich. They have created an “anti-human” version of Rybka as well as a special handicap opening book. Both handicap book and “anti human” version remain secret...

Life transmission from this match you can find at:

Some predictions:

“Computers enthusiast” predictions about this match you can find at:

…and “Chessplayers” predictions “How many points Ehlvest will score in the match with Rybka?” at:


GM Jaan Elhvest, Curacao 2003

photo by Hartmut Mentz

I have done research on the subject of negative emotions in chess. It showed that most negative emotions come about not by simply losing a game; and on the other hand a win itself does not give you maximum satisfaction. It is more important how the result is reached.” Jaan Ehlvest


Quote from: „The story of chessplayer”, Arbiter Publishing, Inc. © 2004

„The story of a chessplayer”

by Jaan Ehlvest


Best wishes to GM Ehlvest to have

very creative and interesting games with Rybka engine!