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Installation Instruction:
Rybka is an UCI chess engine. Install one of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from the list below and install Rybka in this interface by following the appropriate instructions (click on the name of the GUI):
1) Aquarium
2) Fritz interface (Fritz / Junior / Shredder / Hiarcs)
3) Chess Base 9
4) Chess Assistant 8 and 9 (Connecting the .dll version to Chess Assistant 9)
5) Chess Partner interface
6) Shredder UCI interface
7) Arena
8) Tarrasch

If you've got any questions, just visit our forum www.rybkaforum.net.

Free GUI Downloads
Download the free Arena GUI
Download the free Tarrasch GUI by Bill Forster
Download the free Lucas Chess GUI (for playing against engines/training) by Lucas Monge.

Tux The 32-bit version of Rybka can be used under Linux with the program Wine.
Also running the 64-bit version of Rybka is possible under Linux by compiling 64-bit Wine or using an experimental tool by Steinar H. Gunderson (please read the Readme before using it!):
Since microwine 0.5 an experimental port for Mac OS X is also included.
Read more about how to use Rybka under Linux.

Other Downloads
The Aquarium book adapter
Download Rybka 2.2n2 and Rybka II.ctg (.ctg books can be used with Chessbase/Fritz/Aquarium)
Collection of books and other computer chess files