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Rybka vs. GM Vadim Milov (14th-18th September 2008)
Match Rybka vs. GM Vadim Milov (Elo 2705) at different odds - final score 4,5-3,5 for Milov!
Game 1: Milov-Rybka 0-1 Game 2 (exch.): Rybka-Milov draw Game 3: Milov-Rybka draw
Game 4 (exch.): Rybka-Milov draw Game 5 (pawn): Milov-Rybka draw Game 6 (exch.): Rybka-Milov 0-1
Game 7 (pawn): Milov-Rybka 1-0 Game 8 (exch.): Rybka-Milov draw

Short (4 games) events
2008-08-09 Rybka wins against IM Eugene Meyer in a match at f7 pawn and 2 moves odds 3,5-0,5 (games).
2008-07-28 Rybka wins against GM Dzindzichashvili in the rematch at f7 pawn odds 2,5-1,5 (click here for the games).
2008-07-06 Rybka wins against FM John Meyer in a match at 3 moves + pawn odds 3-1.
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2008-06-08 FM John Meyer crushes Rybka in a match at knight odds 4-0.
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Rybka vs. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili - A Pawn and Move
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Games as .pgn and replaying games: here
(click on 2008->Rybka vs. Roman Dzindzichashvili->A Pawn and Move odds match)
Game 1: draw Game 2: Rybka lost Game 3: Rybka won
Game 4: Rybka won Game 5: draw Game 6: draw
Game 7: Rybka lost Game 8: draw
Final standings: 4 - 4
DVD DVD by GM Dzindzichashvili about Rybka - video preview here.
You can purchase the full video as download here.

Rybka vs. GM Joel Benjamin II
Match at Draw Odds: Rybka vs GM Joel Benjamin II
Up-to-date information center: here
Game 1: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1 Game 2: Benjamin-Rybka draw Game 3: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1
Game 4: Benjamin-Rybka draw Game 5: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1 Game 6: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1
Game 7: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1 Game 8: Benjamin-Rybka 0-1
Final result: 6-2 for Rybka!

Rybka in Mexico
Rybka vs. Zappa: 4,5-5,5 (Zappa wins)
Congratulations to the Zappa team!
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All games as .pgn: Download

Open grandmaster challenge: GM Fontaine-Rybka 0-2
All games as .pgn: Download

Rybka vs. GM Joel Benjamin
A Full Pawn!: Rybka vs. GM Joel Benjamin

Rybka vs. GM Jaan Ehlvest II
Everything but a Pawn: Rybka vs GM Jaan Ehlvest II
Up-to-date information center: here
Game 1: Ehlvest-Rybka 0-1 [39] Game 2: Ehlvest-Rybka draw [43] Game 3: Ehlvest-Rybka 0-1 [57]
Game 4: Ehlvest-Rybka 0-1 [27] Game 5: Ehlvest-Rybka draw [44] Game 6: Ehlvest-Rybka draw [44]
Rybka wins with 4,5/6!

Rybka vs. GM Jaan Ehlvest I
Match at pawn odds: Rybka vs. GM Jaan Ehlvest
Information center: here Comments by GM Jaan Ehlvest here
Comments by IM Larry Kaufman here Comments by Rybka author Vasik Rajlich here